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Paula Hay



The new year has started with several significant projects and some changes at the Continence Foundation of Australia. Earlier this month we said goodbye to Rowan Cockerell, CEO of the Foundation. Rowan joined the Foundation in August 2011 as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in November 2015. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Rowan for her exceptional leadership during her tenure. Rowan’s vision, guidance, and unwavering dedication have left an indelible mark on our organisation and the continence community.

This is an important year for the Foundation, as we move into the design phase of our rebranding project and solidify our new visual identity. The 32nd National Conference on Incontinence will be held in Brisbane in May 2024, attracting delegates from across the globe to discuss the latest innovations in continence health. Lastly, our continence resources are currently being updated, including a review of the Pelvic Floor First website.

Rebrand of the Continence Foundation of Australia

The Foundation commenced a rebrand project in mid-2023. The current brand has supported the Foundation since the establishment of the organisation over thirty years ago. Since then, the continence health sector in Australia has changed and we are changing with it. The intention of the project is to develop a new organisational identity and consolidate the Foundation’s market position. The project has now reached the design phase, which includes a review of the name of the Foundation and the development of a new visual identity. The rebrand project is expected to be completed and the new brand launched in the first half of this year.

The 32nd National Conference on Incontinence

The 32nd National Conference on Incontinence will be held in Brisbane on the 22-25 May 2024. Registrations are now open for this year’s conference and the program was launched early February. The conference’s theme is Engage Innovate Lead, and the event will bring together over 500 delegates from Australia and overseas to discuss the latest developments in continence health. This year’s international guests include nurses, physiotherapists and researchers with expertise in bladder, bowel, and pelvic floor health.

Health Promotion

Two key health promotion projects are underway after an extensive period of research and investigation. The Pelvic Floor First review project involves reviewing and updating the Continence Foundation of Australia’s Pelvic Floor First website. This website contains a suite of resources, with information and advice about pelvic floor health and strengthening the pelvic floor. Maintaining pelvic floor health is critical to both preventing incontinence and reducing the impacts of incontinence. The project has now passed the research phase. An updated literature review on pelvic floor health has been completed, as well as consultation with health professionals, the fitness industry and community members.

We are also undertaking a review and update of our toilet training resources, to ensure all children have the best start to independent toileting. Our research has included an evidence review and survey of parents and carers about what information and resources they need to toilet train their children.

The Great Dunny Hunt

The Great Dunny Hunt is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness of the National Public Toilet Map, an interactive resource that shows the location of more than 22,000 toilet facilities across Australia. Ideal for those experiencing incontinence, travelling and young families, the map allows people to search for public toilets based on location and facility needs.

The Great Dunny Hunt competition will launch in March 2024 and run until World Continence Week in June 2024. Competition entrants will have the opportunity to win a cash prize as incentive for contributing to the map. Further information will be made available on our website in the coming month.


Paula Hay
Acting CEO, Continence Foundation of Australia

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