One of the most prestigious examples of content marketing is for a company to sponsor a journal supplement. Implicit in supplements are the prestige, quality and authority of the journal - readers trust the source to which the brand and/or product becomes part of.

Supplements are collections of papers that deal with related issues or topics and can be published as a separate issue of the journal or as part of a regular issue. They are usually based on a common theme or originate from a conference or workshop. 

Journal supplements provide a credible, objective means to publish themed articles on topics related to a company’s business. All articles within a supplement must undergo independent peer review.

The editorial services we provide include use of the journal masthead, consultation with the journal editor regarding content and ideas for the supplement, peer review by members of the editorial board, comprehensive copy editing, design and layout and review of proofs.

Supplements can be in a printed and/or electronic format.

The cost of supplements depends on the size of the supplement. Contact Greg Paull for further information.