Volume 40 Number 4

Around the WCET® world

Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal


For referencing World Council of Enterostomal Therapists®. Around the WCET® world. WCET® Journal 2020;40(4):10-11




Celebrating 40 years of the WCET® Journal and more

Happy 40th anniversary to the WCET® Journal. It began as a desire by the pioneers of the Executive Board to share information with nurses in our emerging specialty; it has grown from 12 pages and is now a 48-page quarterly publication with its own ISSN number (0819-4610) for the English (print) version and other languages (electronic) versions. You can find out more about this history by reading pages 28–32 in the WCET® 40th anniversary commemorative magazine posted on our website at https://wocet.memberclicks.net/assets/Publications/WCET™%2040th%20Anniversary%20

The WCET® Journal is one of the few journals that is published in five languages – English, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Thank you to our Sustaining Journal Partners (in alphabetical order) Calmoseptine, Coloplast, Dansac, Hollister and Welland whose support helps continue to make the WCET® Journal possible. A journal requires a team to make it a reality. This of course includes authors, an editorial board, peer reviewers, a professional editor (Dr Jenny Prentice) and a publisher (Greg Paull and his team at Cambridge Media). Thank you all for your efforts to produce this great source of educational information and, as written in the Journal history, “a voice of communication” for WCET® nurses throughout the world.

We wonder if Norma N Gill, who was editor when the journal became the official journal of the WCET® and who wrote the first editorial, would have thought that 40 years later the WCET® Journal would be the official journal for not one but two associations, the WCET® and the International Interprofessional Wound Care Group (IIWCG). We are pleased to have this partnership with IIWCG President Gulnaz Tariq and associate section editor, Hiske Smart. The next step to come will be to apply for MEDLINE indexing which will be another great step forward for the Journal; we have been working hard over the last 2 years to meet its requirements. Stay tuned as you will be notified when it occurs.

By the time you receive this issue of the Journal in December, the first ever WCET® Worldwide Education Day will have occurred. Thank you to Denise Hibbert, WCET® Education Committee Chair and her taskforce that included Alison Crawshaw, Dee Waugh, Greg Paull, Laurent Chabal, Elizabeth Ayello, Jen Wood and Graham Hauck who have worked to provide a tri-specialty webinar. We want to warmly thank the 18 international speakers – Ms Aihua (Alice) Chen from China, Dr R Gary Sibbald from Canada, Mr Laurent Chabal from Switzerland, Dr Kerlyn Carville, Dr Vicki Patton and Dr Jenny Prentice from Australia, Dr Gregory Schultz, Dr Mikel Gray and Dr Elizabeth A Ayello from the USA, Ms Gulnaz Tariq from the United Arab Emirates, Dr Dimitri Beeckman from Belgium, Ms Denise Hibbert from Saudi Arabia, Dr Vera Santos from Brazil, Ms Zarah Perry-Woodford, Ms Alison Crawshaw and Ms Sharon Fillingham from the United Kingdom, and Ms Briony Chisholm and Ms Dee Waugh from South Africa. Their presentations enlighten the many challenges we, as ET nurses, have to deal with and we do hope their input has been useful and can improve your daily practice.

Many thanks to our five webinar sponsors, in alphabetical order, Calmoseptine, Coloplast, ConvaTec, Eakin and Hollister. We hope that you also enjoyed the special e-supplement and electronic NNGF® commemorative book available to all webinar participants.

WCET® had its first ever virtual general business meeting. Many thanks to all participants for your comments back and evaluation forms completed as they will help us to improve for any upcoming virtual event. At the end of this meeting the officers elected last June began their terms. Welcome to the following new Board Members:

  • Diana Gallagher, MS, RN, CWOCN, CFCN (Arkansas, USA): Treasurer 2020–2024.
  • Yajuan (Julie) Weng, RN, ET, MN, MBA (Changzhou, People’s Republic of China): Education Committee Chairperson 2020–2024.
  • Aihua (Alice) Chen, RN, ET, Nurse Manager, ETNEP Director (Wenzhou, People’s Republic of China): NNGF® Committee Chairperson 2020–2024.
  • Dee Waugh has been reappointed as Congress and Meeting Coordinator 2020–2022.

We also say goodbye to the following Board Members:

  • Alison Crawshaw, BSc, RGN, ENB216: Treasurer 2014–2020.
  • Denise Hibbert, RGN, MSc(WHTR), BSc, DipHE, ONC, STN, FSSCRS: Education Committee Chairperson 2016–2020.
  • Arum Ratna Pratiwi, RN, ET: NNGF® Committee Chairperson.
  • Karen Bruton, RN, BScN, MCISc-WH, CETN(C): Publications & Communications Committee Chairperson 2018–2020.

These volunteers have done an amazing job and we look forward to more formally thanking and celebrating them at the next WCET® Congress.

As you know, Jen Wood left Hauck & Associates on 23 October and we once again take the opportunity to warmly thank her for her great support over the last 6 years. Many thanks to all your emails received back which echo our feelings.

It is true that the year 2020 brought WCET® many challenges imposed by COVID-19 but, as nurses, we have continued to move forward and show the resiliency that nurses have. Let’s mark all the special milestones for WCET® that were good occasions for us to celebrate, including the world’s appreciation for what WCET® nurses do every day. May the year 2021 make it possible for us to celebrate together in person. That is our wish for the new year. 


Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal


Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal





《WCET®杂志》创刊40周年快乐。杂志的创刊承载着执行委员会的先驱们与我们这一新兴专业的护士们分享信息的希望;它从12页增加到现在的48页季刊,有了自己的ISSN编号(0819-4610),也有了英文(印刷)版本和其他语言(电子)版本。如需了解更多关于这段历史的信息,请阅读WCET® 40周年纪念杂志的第28-32页,该杂志发布在我们的网站上,访问地址:https://wocet.memberclicks.net/assets/Publications/ WCET™%2040th%20Anniversary%20Commemorative%20 Magazine.pdf

《WCET®杂志》是为数不多以英语、中文、法语、葡萄牙语和西班牙语五种语言出版的期刊之一。感谢我们的杂志支持合作伙伴(按字母顺序排列)Calmoseptine、Coloplast、Dansac、Hollister和Welland,是你们的支持使《WCET®杂志》能够一直延续。将杂志变为现实需要一个团队的努力。这当然包括作者、编委会、同行评审人、专业编辑(Jenny Prentice博士)和出版商(Greg Paull和他在Cambridge Media的团队)。感谢你们为制作这一重要教育信息来源所做的努力,正如《杂志》历史中所写,这是全世界WCET®护士的“交流之声”。

我们在想,在杂志成为WCET®官方杂志时担任编辑并撰写第一篇编者按的Norma N Gill是否会想到,40年后《WCET®杂志》会成为WCET®和国际跨专业伤口护理组(IIWCG)这两个协会的官方杂志。我们很高兴能与IIWCG主席Gulnaz Tariq和栏目副主编Hiske Smart达成合作。下一步将是申请MEDLINE收录,这将是《杂志》向前迈出的又一大步;在过去的两年里,我们一直在努力符合它的要求。届时你们将收到通知,敬请关注。

当你们在12月收到这一期《杂志》时,我们将已迎来第一个史无前例的WCET®全球教育日。感谢WCET®教育委员会主席Denise Hibbert以及她的工作组(包括Alison Crawshaw、Dee Waugh、Greg Paull、Laurent Chabal、Elizabeth Ayello、Jen Wood和Graham Hauck),他们一直在为召开三个专业的网络研讨会努力工作。我们要衷心感谢18位来自世界各地的演讲人 - 来自中国的Aihua(Alice)Chen女士,来自加拿大的R Gary Sibbald博士,来自瑞士的Laurent Chabal先生,来自澳大利亚的Kerlyn Carville博士、Vicki Patton博士和Jenny Prentice博士,来自美国的Gregory Schultz博士、Mikel Gray博士和Elizabeth A Ayello博士,来自阿拉伯联合酋长国的Gulnaz Tariq女士,来自比利时的Dimitri Beeckman博士,来自沙特阿拉伯的Denise Hibbert女士,来自巴西的Vera Santos博士,来自英国的Zarah Perry-Woodford女士、Alison Crawshaw女士和Sharon Fillingham女士以及来自南非的Briony Chisholm女士和Dee Waugh女士。他们的演讲使我们对于作为ET护士必须应对的许多挑战茅塞顿开,我们希望他们的建议是有用的,可以改善你们的日常工作实践。



• Diana Gallagher,MS, RN, CWOCN, CFCN(美国阿肯色州):2020至2024年间担任财务主管。

• Yajuan (Julie) Weng,RN, ET, MN, MBA(中国常州): 2020至2024年间担任教育委员会主席。

• Aihua(Alice) Chen,RN, ET,护士长,ETNEP主任(中国温州):2020至2024年间担任NNGF®委员会主席。

• Dee Waugh再次被任命为2020至2022年间的大会及会议协调人。


• Alison Crawshaw,BSc, RGN, ENB216:2014至2020年间担任财务主管。

• Denise Hibbert,RGN, MSc(WHTR), BSc, DipHE, ONC, STN, FSSCRS:2016至2020年间担任教育委员会主席。

• Arum Ratna Pratiwi,RN, ET:NNGF®委员会主席。

• Karen Bruton,RN, BScN, MCISc-WH, CETN(C):2018至2020年间担任出版与通讯委员会主席。


如你们所知,Jen Wood已于10月23日离开Hauck & Associates,我们再次借此机会衷心感谢她在过去6年中给予我们的大力支持。非常感谢你们的回信,这些回信引起我们的共鸣。




Elizabeth A Ayello
WCET® President 2018–2022

Laurent O Chabal
BSc (CBP), RN, OncPall (Cert), Dip (WH), ET, EAWT
WCET® President Elect 2020–2022

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