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Three WCET® members also received WUWHS awards.

Congratulations to Kimberly LeBlanc PhD RN NSWOC WOCC(C) FCAN for winning the Gold Award for ‘Innovation in Skin Integrity’. This award recognises those “whose research or practice has helped reduce the incidence of enhanced knowledge of skin integrity such as skin tears”.


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Dr LeBlanc is a global leader in advancing the field of skin integrity among aging populations. Her passion in skin tears and wound management is indisputable. She was a co-founder and first president of the International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP). Kimberly was the driving force behind the panel which has accomplished many ground-breaking initiatives under her leadership including the development, multi-language translation and validation of a skin tear classification system. Her vision from the onset was to raise the global awareness of skin tears, encourage research and to establish an international panel to ensure that skin tears remain on the world stage.

WCET® is thankful that Dr LeBlanc also finds time to serve as the International Delegate (ID) from Canada.

Congratulations also to Prof Ayise Karadağ, who is the Dean of Koc University School of Nursing, Istanbul, Turkey, for winning the Silver Award for “Contribution to Education in Wound Care’.


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Prof Karadağ received her PhD in Fundamentals of Nursing from Hacettepe University in 1999. In 2003 she completed the WOC Nursing Training Program at Cleveland Clinic’s RB Turnbull Jr School of ET/WOCN Program. She paved the way for the foundations of Wound Ostomy Nursing in Turkey.

Following her establishment of the first stoma-therapy unit in 2000 at Gazi University Hospital in Ankara, Turkey, she initiated the WOC Nursing Certified Training Program in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Health in 2001. WOCN Certified Training Program has been carried out by Koç University Semahat Arsel Nursing Education and Research Center (SANERC) since 2018 in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Health in accordance with global education standards under the leadership of Prof. Karadağ. Prof. Karadağ also conducts short-term Wound Care Courses under SANERC for healthcare professionals.

WCET® was priviledged that Ayise also served as the Turkish International Delegate (ID) of World between 2001 and 2018.

And thirdly, congratulations to Idevania Costa RN NSWOC PhD for winning the Silver Award for ‘Outstanding Achievements in Patient Care’. This award recognises “those who have made an outstanding contribution to any area of wound care putting patient at the centre of their work”. 


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Dr Costa is the founder and CEO of Advanced-Virtual Wound Care Consultation and Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at Lakehead University, Canada. She received this award in recognition of the significant contributions she has been making to improve wound care in clinical, education and research settings in both Brazil and Canada. 

In Brazil, she established wound care clinics that remain functioning and to which she continues contributing her unique clinical expertise. In Canada she has launched a virtual wound care consultation process to facilitate timely access to Certified Wound Care Nurses from anywhere and decrease the impact of COVID-19 pandemic demands on wounds outcomes. 

Dr Costa has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and lectured nationally and internationally to raise awareness to achieve better outcomes in chronic wound care by emphasising the role individuals with chronic wound plays when actively engaged in every day self-management.

Two recently appointed WCET® Journal Editorial Board members, Dr Emily Haesler and Professor Karen Ousey, also featured in the awards. The International Guideline Governance Group, of which Dr Haesler is Editor-in-Chief and Methodologist, won the Gold Award for ‘Advances in Pressure Care’. Karen Ousey, professor of Skin Integrity at the University of Huddersfield, received the Bronze Award for ‘Contribution to Education in Wound Care’.

Dr Harikrishna KR Nair, who was the Keynote Speaker at the WCET® Congress in 2018, and Dr Idevania Geraldina Costa, whose article ‘Challenge in practice - venous leg ulcer management: A case study demonstrating the role of the wound care nurse in a developing country’ was recently published in the WCET® Journal, also won awards.

And two assocations that WCET® are affiliated with, the Brazilian Association of Enterostomal Therapy, SOBEST and the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP), USA, also won awards. Congratulations to these two groups.


Wound Ostomy Continence Forum supports high-quality professional learning in Asia

On 30 January the 5th Wound Ostomy Continence Forum (WOCF) was held in Beijing. The event was held virtually and attracted more than 5,000 healthcare professionals across Asia – a new record for WOCF. The half-day forum featured insightful presentations and discussions from leading clinicians from around the world.

Laurent Chabal (Switzerland), President-Elect of WCET®, introduced and elaborated on the second edition of the International Ostomy Guideline (IOG 2020). 

Dr David Keast (Canada), Medical Director, chronic wound treatment clinic, Parkwood Institute, shared the recently published international consensus on managing the gap between the wound bed and the wound dressing to promote healing in chronic wounds – the first international consensus in the field. 

Dr Helmut Madersbacher (Austria), International Neuro-Urology Society President, gave a detailed presentation on intermittent catheterization for neurogenic bladder emptying – an advanced bladder management technique in Europe. 

A panel discussion on ‘Ostomy, wound and continence care under COVID-19 was held with panelists sharing their experience and flexibility on how to better address patients’ care needs amid the pandemic.

The panel comprised Weng (Julie) Yajuan, Chairperson of WCET® Education Committee; Laurent Chabal, President-Elect of WCET®; David Keast, Medical Director of chronic wound treatment clinic, Parkwood Institute; Xu Honglian, Vice President of Wound Ostomy Continence Committee, China Nursing Association; Wu Ling, Vice President of Wound Ostomy Continence Committee, China Nursing Association; Zheng Meichun, Vice President of Stoma Nursing Committee, Guangdong Nursing Association; and Wang Yuanjiao, Vice President of Rehabilitation Nursing Committee of China Nursing Association.

The forum was sponsored by Coloplast China.


Calmoseptine Inc - a very impressive milestone and a multi-year award winner

Calmoseptine Inc has reached a very impressive milestone - $US1 million donated to the American Red Cross.

Since 2018, Calmoseptine Inc has been a steadfast partner of the Red Cross, making gifts in support of wildfire relief efforts, international services, the Red Cross COVID-19 response, Canadian Red Cross preparedness efforts, Australian bushfires response and the Red Cross First Aid app.

Greg Dixon, founder of Calmoseptine Inc, said, “From wildfires to assisting the homeless, elderly and underprivileged, Calmoseptine Inc donates to these causes and supports the Red Cross mission to help prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.”


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Calmoseptine Inc also sponsors programmes throughout the world to teach those in need of critical healthcare skills.


For the second year in a row Calmoseptine® Ointment has won the US News and World Report’s survey for the number one pharmacist recommended brand in incontinence-related skin protectants.


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Greg Dixon, owner of Calmoseptine Inc, explained that although the ointment was developed 70 years ago as a diaper (nappy) rash ointment, it has now been proven to be an excellent multi- purpose moisture barrier ointment, used by patients and healthcare professionals for many skin conditions of both adults and children.



World Council of Enterostomal Therapists®



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祝贺Kimberly LeBlanc PhD RN NSWOC WOCC(C) FCAN荣获


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同时也祝贺土耳其伊斯坦布尔科克大学护理学院院长Ayise Karadağ教授荣获“伤口护理教育贡献”银奖。


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Karadağ教授于1999年在哈斯特帕大学获得基础护理学博士学位。2003年,她在克利夫兰诊所的RB Turnbull Jr ET/WOCN项目培训学院中完成了WOC护理培训项目。她为土耳其伤口造口护理奠定了基础。

继2000年在土耳其安卡拉的加齐大学附属医院建立了第一个造口治疗病房后,她于2001年与土耳其卫生部合作发起了WOC护理认证培训项目。自2018年起,在Karadağ教授的带领下,科克大学Semahat Arsel护理教育与研究中心(SANERC)与土耳其卫生部合作,根据全球教育标准开展了WOCN认证培训项目。Karadağ教授还在SANERC为专业医护人员举办了短期伤口护理课程。


此外,还要祝贺Idevania Costa RN NSWOC PhD荣获“患者护理杰出成就”银奖。该奖项旨在表彰“以患者为工作中心,在任何伤口护理领域做出杰出贡献的人员”。


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Costa博士是Advanced-Virtual Wound Care Consultation的创始人兼首席执行官,同时也是加拿大湖首大学护理学院的助理教授。她获此殊荣是为了表彰她在巴西和加拿大的临床、教育和研究环境中为改善伤口护理做出的重要贡献。



最新任命的两名《WCET®杂志》编委会成员Emily Haesler博士和Karen Ousey教授也在本次颁奖活动中大放异彩。由Haesler博士担任主编和方法学家的国际指南管理小组(International Guideline Governance Group)获得了“压力护理进展”金奖。哈德斯菲尔德大学皮肤完整性教授Karen Ousey荣获“伤口护理教育贡献”铜奖。

同样荣获奖项的还有Harikrishna KR Nair博士和Idevania Geraldina Costa博士,其中Harikrishna KR Nair博士在2018年WCET®大会上担任主旨演讲人,Idevania Geraldina Costa博士则最近在《WCET®杂志》上发表文章“实践中的挑战-下肢静脉性溃疡管理:一项证明伤口护理护士在发展中国家的重要作用的病例研究”。





WCET®候任主席Laurent Chabal(瑞士)介绍并详细阐述了第二版国际造口指南(IOG 2020)。

帕克伍德研究所慢性伤口治疗诊所医务总监David Keast博士(加拿大)分享了最近发表的关于管理伤口床和伤口敷料之间的间隙,促进慢性伤口愈合的国际共识,这是领域内的第一个国际共识。

国际神经泌尿学会主席Helmut Madersbacher博士(奥地利)详细介绍了用于神经源性膀胱排空的间歇性导尿术,这是欧洲一种先进的膀胱管理技术。


参与专题讨论的与会者包括WCET®教育委员会主席翁亚娟(Julie Weng)、WCET®候任主席Laurent Chabal、帕克伍德研究所慢性伤口治疗诊所医务总监David Keast、中华护理学会伤口造口失禁护理专业委员会副主任委员徐洪莲、中华护理学会伤口造口失禁护理专业委员会副主任委员吴玲、广东省护理学会造口专业委员会副主任委员郑美春、中华护理学会康复护理专业委员会副主任委员王元姣。


CALMOSEPTINE INC - 一个非常雄伟的里程碑和多年获奖者

Calmoseptine Inc实现了一个非常雄伟的里程碑 —它已向美国红十字会捐赠了100万美元。

自2018年以来,Calmoseptine Inc一直是红十字会坚定不移的合作伙伴,为支持野火救灾工作、国际服务、红十字会COVID-19响应工作、加拿大红十字会准备工作、澳大利亚林火响应工作和红十字会急救应用程序提供赠品。


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Calmoseptine Inc的创始人Greg Dixon表示,
“从野火到帮助无家可归者、老年人和弱势群体,Calmoseptine Inc为这些事业捐款,并支持红十字会在突发事件中帮助避免和减轻人类痛苦的使命。”


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Calmoseptine Inc还在世界各地主办了一些项目,向需要者传授了重要的医疗技能。


World Council of Enterostomal Therapists®

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