Volume 41 Number 3

2021 A year of learning

Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal

For referencing Ayello EA and Chabal LO. 2021 A year of learning. WCET® Journal 2021;41(3):12




We believe this has been another year of adaptation as the world grapples with new strains of COVID-19. From a social and healthcare perspective we are on a continual learning trajectory as we seek to find new ways of caring for patients with COVID as well as supporting the health workforce to withstand associated ramifications. This includes using different learning formats to enable frontline workers to continue learning.

There are several definitions of learning. We believe that common to these definitions learning is a process by which a person acquires knowledge, skills, behaviors, or even new understanding, perspectives, values or attitudes.  People have diverse learning styles which need to be considered when developing educational programs or conferences.
WCET® is being creative in finding ways to provide learning opportunities for our members in 2021. The Education Committee under Yajuan (Julie) Weng’s leadership has developed several interesting webinars. The first one will open on 22 September and close on 21 October. This half day program provides opportunities to explore different aspects of our specialty practice, which all center around the skin. We thank Hollister® for their sponsorship enabling free access to WCET® members. Do tell your colleagues who are not yet WCET® members about the webinar and encourage them to go to our website to register. Another webinar is planned for November and more to follow in 2022.  Please check for email announcements and visit our website for the latest webinar information. As we learn about other collaborating organizations’ virtual webinars, for example Wound Con, we will circulate this information.

WCET® will participate at two in-person conferences in 2022 with a  half day program at the WUWHS congress in Abu Dhabi and  our biennial congress being held in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, entitled WOCNext 2022: A Global Education Event from WOCN® and WCET®.  As it is difficult to predict the COVID-19 status and its impact on travel and gatherings, the 2022 Congress will be both in-person and online. Being hybrid; it gives our members the flexibility of how they can attend- in person or virtually. For those of you who remember, the first joint WCET® WOCN® Congress in Phoenix Arizona USA, in 2010, was a very special vibrant event. The WCET® planning team lead by Dee Waugh plus Denise Hibbert, Laurent Chabal and Elizabeth Ayello along with Karen Hill from McKenna Management will be collaborating with WCON’s® planning team to bring you another great congress. Please see details about these congresses in this issue of the journal and on our website.

The WCET®, is thrilled and honoured to announce they are the recipient of a ‘Power of A Silver Award’ for its program, “The WCET® NNGF® Twinning Project”. This award represents many years of dedicated work by so many WCET® members who worked tirelessly to share their knowledge and teaching to establish programs in China and Africa.  All are thanked especially Life Member Elizabeth English, a past WCET® President (who championed several of the education programs) for their efforts. With the commitment and enthusiasm of fantastic volunteers, the WCET® NNGF® Twinning Project has succeeded in providing on-site education so that nurses globally can learn the specialized knowledge of stomal therapy so patients can benefit from their expert care and have better outcomes. Well done everyone!

We thank Susan Barber; McKenna Management for submitting the award application to The American Society of Association Executive (ASAE) (https://www.asaecenter.org/about-us) to which McKenna Management belongs. Through its Power of A awards, ASAE celebrates and promotes “the invaluable contributions that associations make to America and the world”. Please visit our website to see full award details.

We also take the opportunity to congratulate our colleagues from WOCN® who also have win an ASAE Sliver award for their WOCN® Ostomy Education Day. It is once again a great double win recognition for ET Nursing and both our associations.

So, in this Olympic year, we believe Norma must be smiling and celebrating that WCET®’s medal count is two- Gold medal for most progressive society from the JWC WUWHS and Silver from ASAE for the WCET® NNGF® Twinning Project.
All these will not have been possible without team efforts and huge amount of work done to make that happen. The most important thing we have learned this year is the evidence supports our belief that it takes a team to succeed. Thank you all!

Let’s keep on doing and learning!


Elizabeth and Laurent


Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal




学习有多种定义。这些定义有一个共同点:学习是一个人获得知识、技能、行为,甚至新的理解、观点、价值观或态度的过程。个人学习方式存在差异,因此在制定教育计划或会议时需要将这些差异考虑在内。WCET®正积极寻找方法,在2021年为我们的会员提供学习机会。翁亚娟领导下的教育委员会开发了几个有趣的网络研讨会。第一个将于9月22日开幕,10月21日闭幕。研讨会为期半天,将以皮肤为中心,带领我们探索专业实践的不同方面。感谢Hollister®的赞助,使我们能够免费成为WCET®会员。如您身边有尚未加入WCET®会员的同事,请告知有关网络研讨会的情况,邀请他们到我们的网站注册。另一场研讨会计划于11月举行,2022年将迎来更多研讨会。 请查看电子邮件公告,访问我们的网站了解最新的网络研讨会信息。如了解到其他合作组织举行在线网络研讨会,例如“伤口研讨会”,我们将通知大家。

WCET®在2022年将参加两次线下会议,即在阿布扎比召开的WUWHS大会(半天)和在美国德克萨斯州沃斯堡市召开的WOCNext 2022大会(两年一度):WOCN®和WCET®共同举办的全球教育活动。由于难以预测COVID-19的状况及其对旅行和聚会的影响,2022年的大会将同时提供现场和在线教育活动。如此一来,我们的会员可灵活选择现场或网络参与。还记得2010年,美国亚利桑那州凤凰城举办了第一届WCET® WOCN®联合大会,活动特别而精彩。由Dee Waugh领导的WCET®规划团队加上 Denise Hibbert、Laurent Chabal和Elizabeth Ayello以及来自McKenna Management的Karen Hill将与WCON®的规划团队合作,为您带来另一场大会盛宴。请在本期杂志和我们的网站上查看有关这些大会的详细信息。

WCET®激动而荣幸地宣布,他们凭借“WCET® NNGF®结对工程”计划获得了“宣传奖”银奖。该奖项代表了众多WCET®成员多年来的不懈努力,他们为在中国和非洲建立项目,不辞辛劳,分享他们的知识和教学。 尤其要感谢终身会员(WCET®前任主席)Elizabeth English的(曾支持多项教育项目)所做的努力。在优秀而热心的志愿者的努力之下,WCET® NNGF®结对工程成功提供了现场教育,让全球护士都能学习造口治疗的专业知识,使得患者能够从他们的专业护理中受益并获得更好的治疗效果。你们每个人都做得很好!

感谢Susan Barber;McKenna anagement向McKenna Management所属的美国社团管理者协会(ASAE)(https://www.asaecenter.org/about-us)提交奖励申请。ASAE向我们颁发Power of A Award奖项,庆祝并促进了“协会对美国乃至世界做出的宝贵贡献”。请访问我们的网站以查看完整的奖励详情。


因此,在这个奥运之年,我们相信Norma一定会带着微笑,庆祝WCET®获得两枚奖牌——JWC WUWHS为进步最佳协会颁发的金牌和ASAE为WCET® NNGF®结对工程颁发的银牌。如果没有团队的努力和为实现这一目标所做的大量工作,一切都是不可能的。我们今年学习到最重要的事情,就是团队合作方能成功,这也是一直支撑着我们的信念。谢谢大家!





Elizabeth A Ayello
WCET® President 2020-2022

Laurent O Chabal
BSc (CBP), RN, OncPall (Cert), Dip (WH), ET
WCET® President Elect 2020-2022