Volume 41 Number 4

Goodbye 2021

Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal

For referencing Ayello EA and Chabal LO. Goodbye 2021. WCET® Journal 2021;41(4):8-9




Another year that the world has learned to cope with COVID is ending. Nurses everywhere have accepted the tiring rhythm of working long hours with so many ill and dying patients. Disruptions and changes to the way care is being delivered continues. Through it all nurses continue to show the world what we do best; demonstrate compassion for people and use  our creativity and ingenuity to provide evidence-based care for our patients. We have read the stories you submitted to  bullETin magazine with great interest and pride. Thank you for taking the time to send them to us.

As we say goodbye to 2021, we reflect on all WCET® events. It has been quite a year. We began the year with one management company and end it with our new company- McKenna Management. This amazing team of professionals stepped in so quickly bringing new perspectives and ideas. Thank you to you all and especially Susan Barber for keeping the WCET® moving forward. Sadly, Dee Waugh decided to resign her volunteer position as WCET® Congress and Meetings Coordinator. Dee has done an incredible job and we thank her for all she has contributed to the role over many years that have made the WCET® congresses so successful., Alison Crawshaw is thanked for agreeing to accept this important position. We believe the new structure of having a Congress and Meetings Advisory Panel of which Alison will serve as Chairperson, will continue to provide consistency in planning our biennial Congress.

Thank you to Treasurer Diana Gallagher as well as to our bookkeeper and accountant for keeping our financials in order. WCET® Committees have been busy. Thank you to Yajuen (Julie) Weng and the Education Committee for the tremendous efforts that resulted in several webinars. Once again we appreciate our industry sponsors’ support, including Coloplast for the June WCET® Norma N Gill Day® Webinar as well as Hollister for the Skin Ostomy Health Webinar, 22 September - 21 October. WCET® is also grateful to all our distinguished speakers who took the time to share their expertise with all of us. Our Wound Care webinar opened on 18 November and closes on 18 December. Others are planned for early 2022 so stay tuned.

The WCET® NNGF® Committee under the leadership of Aihua (Alice) Chen has met several times virtually and provided a poster for nurses to use to educate others about WCET® nurses. We appreciate you creating Norma’s Circle and thank all who have already contributed; there is still time to become a founding member.

WCET® has been collaborating with WOCN® to plan our next biennial Congress to be held in Fort Worth, Texas USA. It will be our second joint Congress (the first was in 2010) with our American colleagues. We are hoping to see many of you in person or virtually at this Congress. Please check our website for more details about dates for early bird registration rates, Congress information and Congress travel scholarships. Thank you to the WCET® members who have been working diligently with WOCN® Society to plan this Congress including Denise Hibbert, Laurent Chabal, Alison Crawshaw, Dee Waugh, Elizabeth Ayello and Karen Hill (Mc Kenna).

Thank you to our Sustaining Journal Partners: Calmoseptine, Coloplast, Dansac, Hollister and Welland. Your support is greatly appreciated. We also warmly thank our translation partners: Coloplast for the Chinese translation of the Journal and Calmoseptine for both the Portuguese and Spanish versions.  Without your financial support we would not be able to publish the WCET® Journal in five languages using professional translators. We also continue to be grateful to Gulnaz Tariq, Hiske Smart and the IIWCG for having the WCET® Journal as their official journal.

We are pleased to advise that, in accordance with our strategic plan, an application was submitted in October to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in the hope that the WCET® Journal will obtain Medline indexing. Publisher Greg Paull, Journal Editor Jenny Prentice, Melissa Striharsky (McKenna) and  Elizabeth Ayello are thanked for their collective endeavours. The NLM is currently reviewing our application via the electronic versions of the journal on our website. We are sure you join us in anticipating a positive outcome.

Thank you, Susan Stelton, for being our representative to NPIAP. WCET® continues to extend our relationships with other organisations through Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) regarding ETNEPs/REPs or other international related associations. This increases our visibility and opportunities of working on joint projects. Recent MOUs signed include Wound Con and ISTAP.

Good news, Australia is once again allowing flights into the country. We hope this means that the long waiting time for mailing of the English version of the WCET® Journal will be reduced. Please make sure your personal data are up to date in your online WCET® member profile as the address registered is used to mail this hard copy. Thank you for your understanding of these delays during COVID times. As always, the electronic version of the journal is posted on the WCET® website.

As 2021 draws to a close, we wish all of you happy and wonderful year end celebrations. We hope 2022 brings an end to this pandemic, keeps all of you safe and well and provides us with the ability to see each other at Congress in Fort Worth, Texas USA.


Elizabeth and Laurent


Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal




在我们告别2021年时,我们对所有WCET®活动进行了反思。这真是相当忙碌的一年。这一年开始时我们只有一家管理公司,并在年末拥有了一家新公司——McKenna Management。这支十分出色的专业团队如此迅速地介入,带来了新的视角和想法。感谢大家,特别感谢Susan Barber,感谢你们让WCET®不断向前发展。遗憾的是,Dee Waugh决定辞去WCET®大会和会议协调员的志愿者职位。Dee在工作中的表现极为出色,我们感谢她多年来为WCET®大会的成功所做的贡献。感谢Alison Crawshaw同意接受这一重要职位。我们相信,由Alison担任主席的大会和会议顾问小组的新结构将继续为我们两年一度的大会规划提供同一帮助。

感谢财务主管Diana Gallagher以及我们的簿记员和会计,感谢他们让我们的财务状况井然有序。WCET®委员会一直以来都十分忙碌。感谢Yajuen(Julie) Weng和教育委员会为促成几次网络研讨会所做的巨大努力。我们再次感谢行业赞助商的支持,包括Coloplast为6月WCET®诺玛·吉尔日®网络研讨会提供的支持以及Hollister为9月22日至10月21日举办的皮肤造口健康网络研讨会提供的支持。WCET®也感谢我们所有的杰出演讲者,感谢他们抽出时间与我们大家分享其专业知识。我们的伤口护理网络研讨会于11月18日开幕,于12月18日闭幕。其他计划于2022年初推出,敬请关注。

在Aihua(Alice) Chen的领导下,WCET® NNGF®委员会已经召开了几次虚拟会议,并为护士提供了一张海报,用于帮助其他人了解WCET®护士。我们感谢您创建了诺玛圈并感谢所有已经做出贡献的人们;当前仍有时间可成为创始成员。

WCET®一直在与WOCN®合作,计划在美国德克萨斯州沃斯堡市举行下一届两年一度的大会。这将是我们与美国同仁共同举办的第二次联合大会(第一次大会在2010年举办)。我们希望大多数人能通过现场或网络方式出席这次大会。关于注册费(享受早鸟价)的日期、大会信息和大会旅行奖学金的详细信息请关注我们的网站。感谢与WOCN®协会一起辛勤工作并策划本次大会的WCET®成员,包括Denise Hibbert、Laurent Chabal、Alison Crawshaw、Dee Waugh、Elizabeth Ayello和Karen Hill(Mc Kenna)。

感谢我们的期刊支持合作伙伴:Calmoseptine、Coloplast、Dansac、Hollister和Welland。非常感谢你们的大力支持。我们还衷心感谢我们的翻译合作伙伴:感谢Coloplast赞助期刊的中文翻译,Calmoseptine赞助期刊的葡萄牙语和西班牙语翻译。如果没有您的资金支持,我们将无法通过专业翻译人员以5种语言出版WCET®杂志。我们还要感谢Gulnaz Tariq、Hiske Smart和IIWCG将WCET®杂志作为其官方刊物。

我们很高兴地告知大家,根据我们的战略计划,我们已于10月向美国国家医学图书馆(NLM)提交申请,希望WCET®杂志能获得Medline收录。感谢出版商Greg Paull、期刊编辑Jenny Prentice、Melissa Striharsky(McKenna)和Elizabeth Ayello的共同努力。NLM目前正在通过我们网站上的电子期刊审查我们的申请。我们相信,您与我们一样,对申请成功十分期待。

感谢您,Susan Stelton,感谢您能成为我们在NPIAP的代表。WCET®继续通过与ETNEP/REP或其他国际相关协会相关的谅解备忘录(MOU)扩展我们与其他组织的关系。这增加了我们开展联合项目的知名度和机会。近期签署的MOU包括Wound Con和ISTAP。






Elizabeth A Ayello
WCET® President 2020-2022

Laurent O Chabal
BSc (CBP), RN, OncPall (Cert), Dip (WH), ET
WCET® President Elect 2020-2022