Volume 42 Number 2

Making Norma’s dreams a reality - a team effort

Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal

For referencing For referencing Ayello EA and Chabal LO. Making Norma’s dreams a reality - a team effort. WCET® Journal 2022;42(2):10-11




We are so happy and thrilled that this issue of the WCET® Journal is our Congress issue. Due to COVID-19, we have not had a Congress since 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now we are fulfilling Norma’s dream of educating nurses globally, through our joint Congress with WOCN® in Fort Worth, Texas and virtually. We are delighted that WCET® is once again having a joint Congress with our colleagues from WOCN®. We look forward to learning from all of our speakers from all over the world. Learning from each other enriches us all.

The Congress Keynote Speaker, Lee Rubin, will be speaking about the topic of teams. His key message is the five components of extraordinary teams. He believes there are five C’s - competitors, common goals, communicate, chemistry and consistency. To us, teams are so very important and it is fun to think about how many of those characteristics our team exhibits. WCET® is a global organisation and no one person could do it all to make things happen in a complex association that has members in over 65 countries. While Norma was the driving force, she surrounded herself with people who were able to commit to a common goal of creating an international organisation that would educate nurses worldwide so patients with ostomy, wound, or continence care needs would benefit  from care by a nurse with specialised knowledge.

One of the sayings from the fortune cookie opened up in KL was “Your dreams are worth your best efforts to achieve them.” Over the past four years, we have had the opportunity to lead the WCET®. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to do the work of the WCET®. For us, it has been a great honour and responsibility to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers while forging ahead with the challenges of today, including COVID. We have done our best to remain true to the mission and purpose of the association. Bringing together people with the willingness to volunteer and work together is a great start, but it is more than that. Each person brings their own unique perspectives, skills, strengths, experiences (both professionally and clinical) and areas for continuous professional improvement to the group. Effective team effort starts with an understanding of what the strategic plan is and goals are and how they can contribute to the process. It also involves mutual respect for all members of the team, a willingness to listen to everyone’s point of view and communicate ideas so a strategic plan can be developed and followed. This is not always as easy as it sounds, especially as English is not the first language for many of our members. That is why we made sure that the WCET® Journal is published in five languages (English, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish). We are grateful for our Sustaining Journal Partners (SJP) - Calmoseptine, Coloplast, Dansac, Hollister and Welland - for the continuous support of the journal. We also warmly welcome our two newest SJPs - Aora and ConvaTec.

In Elizabeth’s biennial report, she referrs to how the challenges, especially from COVID, required creativity, cooperation, communication and change in order to keep WCET® moving forward. All these changes, as well as COVID, forced us to rapidly rethink many of our original implementation strategies and modify our action plans. Without the benefit of the ability to meet in person, electronic platforms and email became our lifeline. We were determined to minimise as much as possible disruptions in our operations and keep moving forward, evaluating the outcomes, readjusting the strategies based on our evaluation of what we did - just like a nursing care plan.

The willingness of former Executive Board (EB) members Alison Crawshaw and Denise Hibbert were invaluable in helping our three new EB members, Diana Gallagher, Yajuan (Julie) Wang and Aihua (Alice) Chen, adjust to their new roles. Thank you Dee Waugh for orienting Alison to her new position of Congress Coordinator. All were empowered and the team given resources, support and opportunities necessary for them to carry out their roles as well as to monitor the WCET® progress in realising the strategic plan. The team also included support from Susan Barber and others from McKenna Management, our publisher Greg Paull and his staff at Cambridge Media, WCET® Journal Editor Jenny Prentice and her editorial board, Ian Kattee (accountant) and Tracy Addis (bookkeeper). It truly takes a team to run the WCET®.

WCET® expanded its team to include more collaboration with like-minded associations, including IIWCG, WUWHS, NPIAP, ISTAP, COMLHEI, APECE, ASCN UK, SOBEST®, NSWOCC, SEDE, NSWOCC, Wounds Canada and all the ones who had given us a chance to promote WCET® in many ways.

WCET® is a winning team! We are so proud that our team efforts were worthy of three international awards. We are also delighted to honour four individuals - Greg Paull, Sally Gill Thompson, Paula Erwin-Toth and Diane Krasner for their special contributions to WCET® at the Congress. Please see the special announcement in this issue as well as all the founding members of Norma’s Circle.

A hardy job well done to all at WCET®. William Shakespeare said “We know what we are, but know not what we may be”. Our future stands before us to create. Let’s all put our full support behind Laurent Chabal and his Team 2022-2024 to see what else WCET® can plan and accomplish in the next two years until we meet in Glasgow.


Elizabeth and Laurent


Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal




大会主旨演讲人Lee Rubin将以团队为主题进行演讲。他演讲的关键信息是非凡团队的五个组成部分。他认为应当包含五个“C”——竞争对手(competitors)、共同目标(common goals)、沟通(communicate)、化学反应(chemistry)和一致性(consistency)。对我们来说,团队是非常重要的,想想我们的团队表现出多少这样的特点,是一件很有趣的事情。WCET®是一个全球性的组织,在一个拥有超过65个国家成员的复杂协会中,没有一个人可以做到这一切。虽然Norma是驱动力,但她身边的人都能致力于一个共同的目标,即创建一个国际组织,培养全世界的护士,使有造口、伤口或失禁护理需求的病人能受益于具有专业知识的护士的护理。



前执行委员会(EB)成员Alison Crawshaw和Denise Hibbert愿意帮助我们的三位新EB成员Diana Gallagher、Yajuan (Julie) Wang和Aihua (Alice) Chen适应他们的新角色,这一点非常宝贵。感谢Dee Waugh指导Alison担任大会协调员的新职务。所有的人都得到了授权,团队也为他们提供了必要的资源、支持和机会,以便他们履行自己的职责,并监督WCET®在实现战略计划方面的进展。团队还包括来自McKenna Management的Susan Barber和其他人、我们的出版商Greg Paull和他在Cambridge Media的员工、WCET®杂志编辑Jenny Prentice和她的编辑委员会、Ian Kattee(会计)和Tracy Addis(簿记员)的支持。的确,WCET®需要一个团队来运行。

WCET®扩大了团队,包括与志同道合的协会进行更多合作,包括IIWCG、WUWHS、NPIAP、ISTAP、COMLHEI、APECE、ASCN UK、SOBEST®、NSWOCC、SEDE、NSWOCC、Wounds Canada,以及所有给予我们机会以多种方式推广WCET®的协会。

WCET®是一个成功的团队!我们非常自豪,因为我们的团队努力值得获得三个国际奖项。我们也很高兴在大会上表彰四位个人——Greg Paull、Sally Gill Thompson、Paula Erwin-Toth和Diane Krasner,感谢他们对WCET®的特殊贡献。请参阅本期的特别公告,以及Norma's Circle(Norma圈)的所有创始会员。

这是一项艰苦的工作,在WCET®所有人都做得很好。William Shakespeare说:“我们知道自己是什么样的人,但不知道自己可能成为什么样的人。”。我们的未来就在我们面前,需要我们去创造。让我们一起全力支持Laurent Chabal和他的2022-2024团队,看看在格拉斯哥会面之前,WCET®在未来两年里还能计划和完成什么。




Elizabeth A Ayello
WCET® President 2020-2022

Laurent O Chabal
BSc (CBP), RN, OncPall (Cert), Dip (WH), ET, EAWT
WCET® President Elect 2020-2022