Volume 43 Number 4

WCET®: Global connectedness – common issues and proposed solutions

Jenny Prentice

For referencing Prentice J. WCET®: Global connectedness – common issues and proposed solutions. WCET® Journal 2023;43(4):7.

DOI 10.33235/wcet.43.4.7





Another year is concluding. Another year in which the goals and global outreach of the WCET® have touched many in need and inspired others to investigate, advocate or share solutions to common problems associated with the provision of ostomy, wound or continence care.

The WCET® epitomises connectedness on a global scale as evidenced by past, current and proposed future activities and reciprocal relationships with many individuals and organisations aligned with the specialties of ostomy, wound and continence care.

The connectedness of “being or feeling socially, emotionally, spiritually or professionally linked with others or with another”. It is the “robustness of such relationships” and shared experiences that assists with building “trust and reciprocity” which provides the foundation for “collective action”1.

The President and President Elect’s message highlight this with many examples, particularly that of assistance provided to a person with an ostomy moving to Thailand and the need to know from where they obtain their ostomy supplies. Similarly, the results of the Membership Survey show the many services that WCET® provide – one example being to ensure we all remain connected and can maintain currency of practice through education.

Collective action is demonstrated through collegial interactions with numerous like-minded professional organisations, such as the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and International Skin Tear Advisory Panel. Further, collaboration with The Association of Stoma Care Nurses (ASCN), United Kingdom in hosting the WCET® ASCN UK Joint Congress in 2024 will enhance that global connectedness through the sharing of clinical, research and educational expertise.

Articles within this issue of the journal all identify common problems experienced by clinicians or patients worldwide. The use of a simple device to prevent kinking within percutaneous tubes combined with staff education and a refined protocol of care for managing the percutaneous tube that reduced the incidence of tube kinking and replacement is described by Maniya et al.

The lived experience of patients in hospital who were unnecessarily provided with continence aides, as an alternative to assistive toileting, and the resultant effect on their physical, mental and social well-being is discussed by Gamboa and Garzón. The management of parastomal ulceration is a frequent and often challenging chronic complication of ostomy surgery.

There has long been an awareness that immunosuppressant therapy has the potential to delay wound healing and thus increase the risk of wound infection. Administration of immunosuppressants modulates the immune system. Different classes of immunosuppressants such as Calcineurin Inhibitors, Glucocorticoids, Monoclonal Antibodies, mTOR Inhibitors, have different actions and effects on wound healing. Appoo et al conclude further research is required to clearly identify those agents that pose the highest risk to wound healing.

As the year ends there is much positivity to reflect on, especially the achievements of the WCET® which have been acknowledged by their peers with the bestowing of several wards in recognition of work undertaken. I wish to thank all those authors, reviewers, Editorial Board members and our publishing team who have collectively contributed to the ongoing success of the WCET® Journal through the year.

Equanimity, unfortunately however, is not always universal. Our thoughts are with those around the world who are less fortunate.

John Lennon left us with a legacy of intergenerational and social connection through his many songs; one of which was ‘Imagine’ within which he says, “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one” (John Lennon, Imagine:1971)2.

Wishing you all connectedness through peace and goodwill.

Best wishes to you all, Jenny.


Jenny Prentice

DOI: 10.33235/wcet.43.4.7








集体行动体现在与许多志同道合的专业组织(如欧洲压疮咨询委员会和国际皮肤撕裂伤专家咨询组)进行合议互动。此外,与英国造口护理护士协会(ASCN)合作举办的2024年WCET® ASCN UK联合大会将通过分享临床、研究和教育专业知识来増强全球连通性。










Jenny Prentice


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