Volume 32 Number 1

All things skin

Peta Tehan and Zlatko Kopecki

For referencing Tehan P & Kopecki Z. All things skin. Wound Practice and Research 2024; 32(1):4.

DOI 10.33235/wpr.32.1.4



Skin is our largest organ, playing an important role in immunity, insulation, thermoregulation, sensation, synthesis of Vitamin D – the list goes on. It has been two years since our special themed issue on ‘Dermatology and Wound Research’, and as an Editorial Board we decided to revisit this very popular topic with special focus on ‘Skin Integrity’ presenting a range of invited reviews.

The review by Lotfollahi reminds us of the basics in skin anatomy, physiology and cellular function, while Carville discusses the skin changes through the lifespan. Both of these reviews are critical in our understanding on maintaining skin integrity.

Following the same theme, Bennett et al discuss the negative impact of medications on wound healing, with particular emphasis on geriatric populations, while O’Brien et al focus on how we can best take care of our skin to maintain skin integrity.

Lastly, the issue theme ends with the article by Blackburn et al which provides a critical review of current best practice in antimicrobial stewardship and infection control highlighting the pathway to guide management of patients at risk of infection development.

We wish to thank our Editorial Board members and colleagues for their submissions on this important topic. We would like to also take this opportunity to invite you to register and submit your abstracts for the upcoming Wounds Australia Conference 2024 on 14-16 October. We look forward to seeing you in Gold Coast.

We hope you enjoy this latest issue of the Wounds Australia journal and we look forward to receiving your submissions for future issues.


Peta Tehan and Zlatko Kopecki
Editors, Wound Practice and Research