Aims and scope

The Journal of Children & Young People's Health is the peak Australasian scholarly journal for neonatal care, paediatrics, children, and young peoples’ health. The journal promotes articles from paediatric nurses' and allied health professionals promoting evidence-based, high quality care of children, young people, and their families. The journal represents the diverse range of, expertise, skill, and quality of care provided in neonate, paediatric, children and young people's care, irrespective of the setting.         

The journal provides the opportunity for ongoing education and the promotion of the international paediatric academic and professional development. JCYPH primary aim is to advance the care of neonate, paediatric, children and young people by:

  • providing professional development for neonate, paediatric, children and young people's nurses, related allied health professionals and other relevant parties
  • supporting practice development, research, quality improvement and innovation 
  • translating research and knowledge into practice 
  • advocating for the interests of nurses, health professionals and neonates, infants, children, young people, and their families

The Journal aims to encourage an interprofessional focus on child and youth health, and furthermore, to maximise ability to interact with the readership and generate conversation through multiple modes including, but not limited to, social media, letters to editor.  The content in the journal is accepted in the form of discussions, reviews, research reports, case studies, expositions, narratives, and letters. Each submission is blind peer reviewed and evaluated on its timeliness, relevance, accuracy, clarity, and applicability to the journal.