Aims and scope

The Journal of High Threat & Austere Medicine is an focused on the field of high threat and austere medicine. High threat and austere medicine is defined as any care provided in a hazardous or resource-constrained environment. This could include TEMS, HAZMAT, SAR, USAR, TacMed, wilderness, remote as well as high angle rescue. There is currently a dearth of published knowledge in this domain and the journal provides a platform for discourse and knowledge generation. The primary aim of the journal is to build research capacity in this niche but emerging field. 

The scope of publications in the journal covers:

Case studies and case series;

Original research on;

●      Clinical practice

●      Education and training

●      Policies and practices

Translating research and knowledge into practice;

Clinical practice guidelines;

Reviews of;

●      Research

●      Practice

Commentaries and editorials;

Continuing professional development;

Critiques on recent research from other sources;

Reviews of publications and electronic media relevant to pre-hospital, trauma and austere medicine.