Volume 6 Issue 2

Message from the President

Mark Sutherland

For referencing Sutherland M. Message from the President. Vascular Access 2020; 6(2):3.

DOI https://doi.org/10.33235/va.6.2.3



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Hello AVAS members,

Welcome to our 12th issue of the Vascular Access journal. During this time of great change (that is a statement and its reference is one I would like to not use again), I would like to focus my message on what drives us, what motivates us, and the importance of our professional networks that help us to achieve these goals.

As a venous access nurse proceduralist, I am constantly challenging my knowledge, skill and techniques; scrutinising them, evaluating them and judging them to assess if they measure up to what is defined as ‘best practice’. Constantly wanting to achieve perfection, keeps me striving, reaching for the brass ring. Yet, condemned never to succeed, I will continue to try. What motivates me is the aim to be the best clinician I want to and can be and, most importantly, to provide the best care and service that is possible at that moment in time.

Nothing new or miraculous in that paragraph (I agree). But what is the key tool that helps me, and I say me meaning all of us, achieve these goals? Communication in all its forms, particularly our professional literature and network. Some might say they are the most important tools used to communicate best practice, to challenge ideas, lay myths to rest, and identify new and exciting concepts.

We (the AVAS membership and the broader healthcare world) need your written work. From case studies to your randomised control trials, you have dedicated much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears (OK, the second and third last descriptors are slight exaggerations). We need your work to share with the wider vascular access community and your work deserves to be shared so clinicians are at their best and meeting our patients’ needs.

My challenge to you, as members of AVAS, is to record your work and have it written up. Write and submit for publication in your society’s journal and newsletter.

The times they are a changin’ (apologies to Mr Dylan); that is the normal cycle of life. We need to keep up with change, to adapt, evolve and improve. We do that through open and honest communication, by discussion, by challenging and inspiring our peers and, in turn, being challenged and inspired. Our journal and newsletter give you a voice – be heard.

Enjoy our latest edition of Vascular Access.

Kind regards and stay out of trouble,


Mark Sutherland RN, ICCert(NSWCN), BHSN
President, AVAS


Mark Sutherland RN, ICCert(NSWCN), BHSN
President, AVAS