Volume 41 Number 2

3 years down, 1 to go – is the world opening up?

Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal

For referencing Ayello EA and Chabal LO. 3 years down, 1 to go – is the world opening up? WCET® Journal 2021;41(2):7-8




It seems incredible that it is over 3 years ago that we had our last in-person biennial congress where we were able to see and talk with our WCET® members and colleagues. It was a grand event – thank you again to Dee Waugh for her stellar organisation and Mariam Mohd Nasir and her colleagues in Kuala Lumpur for their warm hospitality. The splendid memories of this amazing, educational, fun and networking event have been a wonderful source of new information and joy that has served us well though these difficult COVID-19 times. We miss all of you.

During this time period we have postponed the joint congress with ASCN UK several times. We are glad that we have been able to plan ahead and move the Glasgow conference to 2024. We are sure it will be another marvellous congress. You might have thought why didn’t the WCET® just move this congress to 2022? That would of course be a reasonable and great question to ask. The answer is the WCET® plans many years in advance for its biennial congress and we already had a signed contract for a congress in 2022. We have listened to your feedback from the membership surveys, and in this journal issue we are announcing that the next WCET® congress will be a joint congress with WOCN®. Mark your calendars for Sunday 5 June to Wednesday 8 June 2022 and plan to come to our congress being held in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The congress is titled WOCNext 2022: A Global Education Event from WOCN® and WCET®.

As it is difficult to predict the COVID-19 status and its impact on travel and gatherings, the 2022 congress will offer both in-person and online education. For those of you who remember the first joint WCET® WOCN® congress in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2010, you know it was a very special and vibrant event. Over the next year, we will be sharing more complete details with you. Be assured that Dee Waugh and other members of the planning committee (Denise Hibbert, Laurent Chabal and Elizabeth Ayello) will be collaborating with the planning team from WOCN® to bring you another great congress. With the increasing number of persons being vaccinated, and the declining COVID-19 cases and deaths, we are optimistic that this can be an in-person event. We do of course realise that for some of our members there may be work- or country-based travel COVID-19 restrictions. By planning the congress to be hybrid, it gives our members the flexibility of how they can attend. We are really excited about this congress and do hope that you will be able to participate.

As the world prepares to ‘open up’ for in-person gatherings, the WCET® is also looking forward to March 2022. As a supporting society for the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS), the WCET® is scheduled to have a pre-conference at the WUWHS congress 1–5 March 2022 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It will be an opportunity to enhance our tri-specialty and to show we all care about the skin. The call for abstracts is still open and closes the end of July 2021. We look forward to celebrating this interprofessional global event. The WCET® is especially proud that one of our WCET® members, Gulnaz Tariq, is the President of WUWHS and, along with an amazing international team, has developed a sensational educational congress. It will also give the WCET® an opportunity to network with members of the International Interprofessional Wound Care Group (IIWCG) for which the WCET® Journal is also their official journal.

Speaking of our journals, COVID-19 continues to cause mailing disruptions. There still are longer than usual delivery times for posted journals as well as limited flight availability leading to limited mail services and even interruptions of mail as journals are still not being allowed to enter all countries. Our publisher is located in Perth, Australia and that is where the English version of the WCET® is mailed from. My copy of the mailed March journal issue did not reach me here in the USA until 14 May. Thankfully, the electronic version is posted on our website. These COVID-19 restrictions of items sent to and from some countries are beyond the control of the WCET®. You can check the current information of mailing status from Australia to your own country by going to the following website: https://auspost.com.au/service-updates/international-delivery-updates.

Another reason why you might not be receiving your journal is because of an incomplete or outdated mailing address on your membership profile. For example, Julie Weng recently went through the mailing labels for all members from China and found over 50 members who had either no journal mailing address written down or had an address without all the accurate information. Please do check your individual file to make sure that your mailing address is current and complete. We would also ask that all IDs email their members and ask them to check the mailing address in their member profile.

Remember that you can download the electronic version of the WCET® Journal from the WCET® website. You will also find the electronic version of the journal in languages other than English – Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish. We warmly thank Sustaining Journal Partner Calmoseptine® for sponsoring the translation of the WCET® Journal into both Portuguese and French, and Coloplast for sponsoring the Chinese translation of the journal.

As the world moves more and more to electronic online information, the availability of information on your smartphone becomes another way of getting knowledge. By now many of you know or have read the 2019 EPUAP NPIAP PPPIA International Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Guideline. The quick version in English is available for free download from the NPIAP website (www.npiap.org) or in 14 languages (Arabic, Brazilian, Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Malaysian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish) from the EPUAP website (www.epuap.org). Now there is a new way to access the quick version of the 2019 guideline by purchasing Interpip.app for your phone. NPIAP, in partnership with the EPUAP, PPPIA and Sensory Data Corp, proudly announced in May 2021 the launch of the InterPIP App as the official pressure injury prevention and treatment guideline mobile app. It is available in English, Spanish, French and German (more languages will come) and is available in iOS and Android mobile devices. Stay tuned for more details: http://www.Interpip.app.

With June comes unique happiness as we celebrate the WCET® Norma N. Gill Day® on 26 June, Norma’s birthday. The Education Committee has an exciting webinar planned which we hope you will attend. The NNGF® Committee has sent you a poster and ideas for how you might mark this day. The WCET® looks forward to hearing how each of our member countries marked this special occasion. Please send a short paragraph, pictures (in high resolution) and related captions to wcet.bulletin@cambridgemedia.com.au so it can be considered for inclusion in an upcoming edition of the BullETin. Please note that the BullETin is the WCET® official magazine and is not peer reviewed. Therefore, scientific articles should be submitted to the WCET® Journal only.

You have worked very hard since we last saw all of you. Being on the front line and dealing with COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways, but we know you are doing your best despite the fatigue, the risks and the challenges of these uncertain times. As 2021 continues to be the year of the nurse, please know that there is a big smile on our masked faces when we think of all that our WCET® members are doing for their patients. We continue to be so proud of you. We know it is not easy. Please know that we will continue to send you supportive, healing thoughts. It has been a long time and we can hardly wait until we can be with you again. With 1 year to go until June 2022, we are eagerly counting down the days until we can safely see you again. Until then, may our words embrace you with caring thoughts and concern for your wellbeing.


Elizabeth and Laurent

3年已逝,1年可期 - 世界正在开放吗?

Elizabeth A Ayello and Laurent O Chabal



似乎令人难以置信的是,距离我们上一次举行现场双年度大会已过去了三年,那时我们仍能与我们的WCET®会员和同事面对面交谈。那是一次盛会 - 再次感谢Dee Waugh的出色组织,以及Mariam Mohd Nasir和她在吉隆坡的同事的热情款待。有关这次精彩纷呈、具有教育意义且有趣的社交活动的美好回忆是我们获得新信息和快乐的美妙来源,很好地帮助了我们度过COVID-19的困难时期。我们想念你们所有人。

在这段时间,我们数次推迟了与ASCN UK的联合大会。很高兴这次我们能够未雨绸缪,将格拉斯哥会议改在2024年举行。我们相信,这将是另一场盛会。你们可能会疑惑,为什么WCET®不将这次大会改在2022年举行?这当然是一个合理且值得回答的问题。答案是,WCET®已提前多年为其双年度大会制定了计划,我们已签署了一份于2022年举办会议的合同。我们听取了你们在会员调查中的反馈意见,在本期杂志中我们宣布下一届WCET®大会将与WOCN®联合举办。请在日历上对2022年6月5日
(星期日)至6月8日(星期三)进行标注,并制定参加我们将在美国德克萨斯州沃斯堡举行的大会的计划。这次大会的题目是“WOCNext 2022”:一场WOCN®和WCET®联合举办的全球教育活动。

由于难以预测COVID-19的情况及其对旅行和聚会的影响,2022年的大会将同时提供现场和在线教育活动。对于那些记得2010年在美国亚利桑那州凤凰城举办的第一届WCET® WOCN®联合大会的人而言,你们知道那是一次十分特别和精彩的活动。在接下来的一年里,我们将与你们分享更多更完整的详细信息。请放心,Dee Waugh和筹备委员会的其他会员(Denise Hibbert、Laurent Chabal和Elizabeth Ayello)将与WOCN®的筹备小组合作,以期为你们带来另一场盛会。随着越来越多的人接种疫苗,以及COVID-19病例和死亡人数的下降,我们对于这次大会能够举办现场活动持乐观态度。当然,我们也意识到,对于我们的一些会员而言,他们可能会遇到COVID-19相关的工作或跨国旅行限制的问题。因此我们将这次大会规划为混合型大会,会员可以以灵活的方式参加大会。我们十分开心能够举办这次大会,并很希望你们能够参加。

随着世界准备“放开”举行现场聚会的限制,WCET®也期待着2022年3月的到来。 作为世界伤口愈合学会联盟(WUWHS)的支持协会,WCET®计划于2022年3月1日至5日在阿联酋阿布扎比举行的WUWHS大会上举行预备会议。这将是一个促进我们三个专业交流的机会,体现出我们对皮肤的关注。论文摘要的征集仍在进行中,将于2021年7月底结束。我们十分期待举办这一跨专业的全球活动。令WCET®特别自豪的是,我们的WCET®会员Gulnaz Tariq是WUWHS的主席,她与一个十分出色的国际小组共同制定了一场精彩的教育大会。它还使WCET®有机会与国际跨专业伤口护理组(IIWCG)的会员建立联系,《WCET®杂志》也是其官方杂志。

谈及我们的杂志,COVID-19继续造成邮寄服务的中断。由于杂志仍然不被允许进入所有国家,邮寄杂志的时间仍然比以往更长,并且可用的航班有限,这使得邮政服务受限,甚至导致邮件中断。我们的出版商位于澳大利亚珀斯,这也是WCET®英文版本的邮寄地。我直到5月14日才在美国收到邮寄的三月杂志。令人欣慰的是,电子版已发布在我们的网站上。一些国家关于物品往来的COVID-19限制超出了WCET®的控制范围。您可以访问以下网站查询从澳大利亚到自己国家的当前邮寄状态信息: https://auspost.com.au/service-updates/international-delivery-updates

您可能未收到杂志的另一个原因是,您的会员档案中的邮寄地址不完整或者已失效。例如,翁亚娟(Julie Weng)最近仔细检查了所有中国会员的邮寄标签,发现有50多名会员没有写下杂志邮寄地址,或者地址上没有所有准确的信息。请检查您的个人档案,确保您的邮寄地址是最新且完整的。我们也请所有的国际代表(ID)给他们的会员发邮件,请会员检查自己会员档案中的邮寄地址。


随着世界越来越趋向于使用电子在线信息,在智能手机上获取信息成为获取知识的另一种方式。截至目前,你们中的许多人都知道或已阅读了2019 EPUAP NPIAP PPPIA国际压力性损伤预防和治疗指南。英文快速版本可从NPIAP网站 (www.npiap.org) 免费下载,或从EPUAP网站 (www.epuap.org)免费下载14种语言(阿拉伯语、巴西语、捷克语、丹麦语、法语、德语、意大利语、马来语、葡萄牙语、斯洛伐克语、西班牙语、瑞典语、泰语、土耳其语)的版本。现在有一种新的方式,即通过在您的手机上购买Interpip.app,即可访问2019年指南的快速版本。NPIAP与EPUAP、PPPIA和Sensory Data Corp合作,于2021年5月自豪地宣布推出InterPIP应用程序,其是压力性损伤预防和治疗指南的官方移动应用程序。该应用程序有英语、西班牙语、法语和德语(将有更多语言)版本,可在iOS和Android移动设备上使用。更多详细信息将陆续公布,敬请关注以下网站: http://www.Interpip.app

随着六月的来临,我们将在6月26日(诺玛的诞辰)庆祝WCET® Norma N. Gill日®,这将会为我们带来独一无二的快乐。教育委员会计划举行一次精彩纷呈的网络研讨会,我们希望你们能参加。NNGF®委员会已向你们发送了关于如何纪念这一天的海报和想法。WCET®期待听到每个会员所在的国家有关如何纪念这一特殊时刻的情况。请将一小段文字、图片(高分辨率)和相关的标题发送至wcet.bulletin@cambridgemedia.com.au,以便我们考虑将其列入即将出版的《BullETin》中。请注意,《BullETin》是WCET®的官方杂志,未经同行评审。因此,科学文章应仅提交给《WCET®杂志》。



Elizabeth 和 Laurent


Elizabeth A Ayello
WCET® President 2020–2022

Laurent O Chabal
BSc (CBP), RN, OncPall (Cert), Dip (WH), ET
WCET® President Elect 2020–2022