Volume 41 Number 4

Great expectations

Jenny Prentice

For referencing Prentice J. Great expectations. WCET® Journal 2021;41(4):7

DOI https://doi.org/10.33235/wcet.41.4.7




The process for applying for Medline Indexing is challenging and multifactorial. Medline is the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) journal citation database of life sciences and biomedical information. It includes bibliographic information for articles from academic journals encompassing medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, healthcare and veterinary science.

To be considered for listing in Medline, a journal must first apply to the NLM and pass a set of stringent criteria for the application to be successful. From our perspective this has involved our publisher Greg Paull, Emeritus Editor Dr Elizabeth Ayello and me as editor in reviewing the journal’s Aims and Scope, Author Guidelines and Policy and Processes. In addition, we have all provided information on our respective positions and responsibilities to the journal and detailed prior experience in scientific publishing and affiliations with other professional bodies.

As the Author Guidelines have been comprehensively revised, we have decided to publish them in this edition on page 27. We encourage you all to write for the journal and trust these will be helpful.

In evaluating an application, the NLM’s Literature Selection Technical Review Committee (LSTRC) considers a journal’s scope, scientific content, quality, importance, editorial policies and subject matter. The LSTRC meets three times a year to review and recommend journals for inclusion in MEDLINE.

There are several favourable factors in our application. These being the WCET® Journal adheres to the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE Recommendations) and is listed with the ICMJE accordingly. The broad scope and content of the journal plus publication in five languages. The journal is provided to all members of WCET® as part of their membership. A Hybrid Open Access model exists with the WHAM Evidence Summaries for low- and middle- income countries and Editorials, News and views and reports are freely available.

We are hoping our application will be successful or that we are provided with guidance to continue to improve the quality of journal in preparation for a further future application.

The Editorial Board and reviewers of journal articles play a vital role in supporting the editor to maintain the quality of the journal by critiquing articles submitted or publishing articles. I would like to express my appreciation to all Editorial Board members and reviewers for your ongoing assistance. As the Editorial Board continues to evolve it is my pleasure to welcome Professor Dieter Hahnloser, EBSQ Coloproctology, University Hospital Lausanne, Department of Visceral Surgery to the Editorial Board. Professor Hahnloser’s experience and expertise in rectal cancer, colorectal surgery, inflammatory bowel disease and education and training will be appreciated. We also offer our congratulations to Denise Hibbert on her successful nomination as President Elect for WCET®.

During the past year, as indicated in the Index of articles, there has been a diverse range of topics published in the journal from research to clinical care. I thank all authors for their contributions that have assisted in advancing the knowledge and expertise of clinicians involved in wound, ostomy and continence care. The collaboration with Advances in Skin & Wound Care further enhances this aim. We are hopeful of providing more book reviews in the future and continuing the dialogue on synthesising evidence.

COVID-19 has had unforeseen worldwide ramifications on all aspects of our lives. In the current issue Aydın Aİ et al add to the journal’s coverage of the effect of COVID-19 on nurses by discussing the frequency and factors around hand dermatitis among nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has great expectations that the science of vaccines will modify or eradicate this deadly virus. Antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic stewardship is also a global issue. Ousey and Sussman provide an opinion on and highlight the role that pharmacists can play in supporting clinicians to reduce antimicrobial resistance. From a clinical perspective and within their case study Tan NM et al demonstrate how hydrocolloid protective sheets can be used successfully to protect skin integrity from body secretions. Malodourous wounds are challenging to manage. The WHAM evidence summary presents current evidence around the use of yoghurt as a low cost option for managing malodorous wounds.

A subject not often discussed is the impact of illness on sexuality. Sexuality and Illness – A guidebook for Health Professionals authored by Anne Katz has been reviewed by Harris-Allsop who suggests the book is relevant to the interdisciplinary team as well as being a useful reference for schools of nursing and medicine to guide discussion on illness, sexuality and sexual dysfunction.

It is with great expectation that 2022 will be a year less fraught with global turmoil. In the interim, we wish you all a wonderful festive season and good health.

With Kind Regards


Jenny Prentice

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33235/wcet.41.4.7




要想将一份期刊列入Medline,必须先向NLM申请,并通过一系列严格的标准才能申请成功。在我们看来,我们的出版商Greg Paull、荣誉执行编辑Elizabeth Ayello博士和我(作为编辑)参与对该期刊的目的与范畴、作者指南和政策及流程的审查。此外,我们还向该期刊提供了关于我们各自职位和职责的信息,并详细介绍了先前在科学出版方面的经验和与其他专业机构的从属关系。





期刊文章的编委会和评审人通过评论提交的文章或发表文章,在支持编辑保持期刊质量方面起着至关重要的作用。我谨向所有编委会成员和评审人表示衷心的感谢,感谢你们一直以来的帮助。随着编委会不断发展,我很荣幸地欢迎洛桑大学附属医院内脏外科EBSQ肛肠科的Dieter Hahnloser教授加入编委会。Hahnloser教授在直肠癌、结直肠手术、炎症性肠病以及教育和培训方面的经验和专业知识非常值得称赞。我们谨此向Denise Hibbert致以衷心的祝贺,祝贺她成功提名为WCET®的候任主席。


COVID-19对我们生活的各个方面造成了不可预见的全球影响。在本期期刊中,Aydın Aİ等人通过对COVID-19大流行期间护士手部皮炎的频率和因素进行讨论,增加了该期刊关于COVID-19对护士影响的报道。世界对疫苗科学将改变或根除这种致命病毒寄予厚望。抗菌素耐药性和抗菌素管理也是一个全球性问题。Ousey和Sussman对药剂师在支持临床医生降低抗菌素耐药性方面可以发挥的作用提出了意见,并强调了这一作用。从临床角度来看,在他们的案例研究中,Tan NM等人展示了如何将水胶体保护贴成功地用于保护皮肤完整性免受身体分泌物的影响。处理恶臭伤口极具挑战性。WHAM证据总结介绍了当前有关使用酸奶作为处理恶臭伤口的低成本选择的证据。

一个不常被讨论的主题是疾病对性行为的影响。Harris-Allsop已对Anne Katz发表的专业医护人员指南–性行为与疾病进行了审查,其认为该指南与跨学科团队有关,并且是护理和医学学院指导疾病、性行为和性功能障碍讨论的有用参考文献。




Jenny Prentice

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