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Life Achievement Awards bestowed on WCET® members

At the recently concluded World Union of Wound Healing Societies conference in Abu Dhabi, WCET® members Dr Elizabeth A Ayello (USA), Professor Keryln Carville (Australia) and Professor R Gary Sibbald (Canada) were honoured for their extraordinary worldwide contribution to wound healing. Their Life Achievement Awards were presented during the WUWHS opening ceremony.

Other Life Achievement Awardees were Mrs Ellie Lindsay (UK), Dr Samir Mohamed Said Al Assar (UAE), Professor Zena Moore (Ireland), Professor Giovanni Mosti (Italy), Professor Hiroma Sanada (Japan), Professor Vijay K Shukla (India) and Dr Abbas G Zulfiqarali (Tanzania).

The WCET® Journal congratulates all very worthy recipients.

IIWCC and WUWHS news 2022 – UAE is open!

On 10 February 2022 we received the happy news that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to expand the countries from which persons can come from and enter into the UAE. Restrictions as to the number of persons who can attend the Congress have also been lifted. By the time you receive this journal issue, it is our hope that the delegates who have returned home from this international gathering of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) 6th Congress held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will look back on this experience with great joy.

The theme was Global Healing: Changing Lives. After postponing the WUWHS Congress by almost 2 years, the Congress was reformatted to be both an in-person and virtual format Congress in a hybrid format. Live streaming of the plenary session was an added bonus as we really felt that this was the only way to connect and integrate the world fully with what we are doing onsite. During the General Assembly meeting on Friday 4 March, five bids were presented for the next WUWHS Congress. We applaud WUWHS President Elect Dr Harikrishna K R Nair and the new team who will now be planning the 7th WUWHS Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which will run from 23-27 September 2026.

A comprehensive Congress report will follow in the next WCET® Journal issue.

As for most of us, it has been challenging during these COVID-19 times. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have been working very long and difficult hours. The International Inter-professional Wound Care Group (IIWCG) has had to look for other ways of delivering its expert wound care education during the COVID-19 lockdown. In 2021, the IIWCG successfully continued its partnership with the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (IIWCC) group from Canada and moved the course to a totally virtual format. Instead of having the students learning onsite at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center hospital in Abu Dhabi, classes were held totally on the Zoom electronic platform. We have just completed the study group of 2021/22 that was attended by the largest class ever in our teaching history in Abu Dhabi and welcomed a new intake of just more than 60 students for 2022. Moving the course to this virtual platform also had its challenges and required the team to work together and be creative. The course needed to accommodate students and faculty across the globe in different timezones; we thank our computer experts Ahmed and Andrew for technical support with this. We believe the solutions and new teaching format enhanced the educational experience and resulted in even more effective learning; student evaluations for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 support this claim. The course was redesigned and redesigned again based on feedback from students. The patient cases were delivered via video vignettes, all structured according to the wound bed preparation paradigm.

As we are not all onsite for this teaching, and because the re-opening of UAE only occurred in the middle of February 2022, we are planning the next onsite IIWCG World Congress for 2023 in Abu Dhabi. In that conference we will graduate three sets of students coming from three classes (2020, 2021, 2022) in a formal graduation ceremony. That ceremony alone will be for more than 200 students! The Congress in 2023 will also be the start of IIWCG holding an annual wound conference to provide all IIWCC students with academic updates and possible master classes counting towards skill competencies.

We value our relationship with the WCET® Journal as our official journal and aim to have the best academic selective studies published in WCET® Journal as soon as they are received in manuscript form from the students. Please stay tuned for more information with regards to the 2023 IIWCG conference where we hope to see many of you in person.

Gulnaz Tariq
President, International Inter-professional Wound Care Group

Hiske Smart
IIWCG WCET® Journal Associate Editor

WOCNext® 2022: A global event experienced your way

Registration is open

WOCNext® 2022 is a global, hybrid event from WCET® and WOCN®, and serves as the annual conference for both organisations from 5–8 June 2022. All members of WCET® and WOCN®, and non-members, from around the globe are invited to join us in person or virtually. Register by 22 April to receive the Early Bird discounted rate.

Everyone from around the world is invited to celebrate diversity and gain perspectives that will advance the practice and delivery of wound, ostomy and continence care. It will aim to bring healing to the WOC and enterostomal therapy communities through global support and compassion for our unique and shared experiences. Event highlights include:

• Global perspectives.

• Parade of nations.

• Prominent topics.

• In person or virtual.

• Inclusive networking.

• All star speakers.

• Product innovations.

• Healing and energising activities.

The WOCNext® 2022 Preliminary Event Program is now available to view. View our education sessions, networking opportunities, exhibit hall hours, and more. Keep checking for additional updates. Learn more at wocnext.org

If you plan on attending WOCNext® in person, reserve your hotel room(s) by 6 May to receive the WOCNext® group discount. WOCNext® has partnered with multiple hotels in Fort Worth, Texas, for a variety of pricing options and locations close to the event space.

Interested in advertising during WOCNext® 2022? View our prospectus to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Please contact Chris Brown at cbrown@wocn.org.

Accreditation statement

The Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society™ is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. The Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society™ is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 15115.



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在最近结束的阿布扎比世界伤口愈合学会联盟大会上,WCET®成员Elizabeth A Ayello博士(美国)、Keryln Carville教授(澳大利亚)和R Gary Sibbald教授(加拿大)因其在全球范围内对伤口愈合做出的非凡贡献而受到表彰。在WUWHS开幕式上为他们颁发生命成就奖。

其他的生命成就奖得主是Ellie Lindsay女士(英国)、Samir Mohamed Said Al Assar博士(阿联酋)、Zena Moore教授(爱尔兰)、Giovanni Mosti教授(意大利)、Hiroma Sanada教授(日本)、Vijay KShukla教授(印度)和Abbas GZulfiqarali博士(坦桑尼亚)。




主题是全球治愈:改变生活。在将WUWHS大会推迟了近2年后,将大会重新安排为现场和虚拟形式混合的会议模式。全会直播是一个额外的好处,因为我们确实认为这是连接和整合世界与我们在现场所做工作的唯一方法。在3月4日星期五的大会会议上,为下一届WUWHS大会提出了五项投标。我们为WUWHS候任主席Harikrishna K R Nair博士和新团队喝彩,他们现在计划将于2026年9月23日至27日在马来西亚吉隆坡举行第7届WUWHS大会。


对于我们大多数人来说,在COVID-19时期一直都充满挑战。护士和其他专业医护人员的工作时间长、难度大。国际跨专业伤口护理组(IIWCG)必须在COVID-19封锁期间寻找其他方式提供其专业伤口护理教育。2021年,IIWCG成功地与来自加拿大的国际跨专业伤口护理课程(IIWCC)组继续合作,并将课程转向完全虚拟的形式。没有让学生们在阿布扎比的Sheikh Khalifa医疗中心医院现场学习,而是完全在Zoom电子平台上进行授课。我们刚刚组成了2021/2022年度的学习小组,该小组是由我们阿布扎比教学史上最大的班级参加的,并迎来了2022年新招收的60多名学生。将课程转移到这一虚拟平台也有其挑战性,需要团队共同努力并发挥创造力。该课程需要适应全球不同时区的学生和教员;十分感谢我们的计算机专家Ahmed和Andrew对此提供的技术支持。我们认为这些解决方案和新的教学形式增强了教育体验,并使学习更加高效;2020年、2021年和2022年的学生评价证实了这一说法。根据学生的反馈,对课程进行了一遍又一遍的重新设计。通过视频片段交付患者病例,所有病例均按照创面床准备范式组织。



Gulnaz Tariq

Hiske Smart
IIWCG《WCET® 杂志》副主编

WOCNEXT® 2022:以您的方式体验的全球活动




· 全球观点。

· 国家游行。

· 主题突出。

· 现场或虚拟。

· 具有包容性的人际关系网。

· 所有明星发言人。

· 产品创新。

· 治愈和激发活力的活动。



有兴趣在WOCNext®2022期间做广告吗?请查看我们的招股说明书,了解更多关于赞助机会的信息。请联系Chris Brown,邮箱地址为cbrown@wocn.org。


伤口、造口和失禁护理协会™经美国护理资质认证学会认定为护理持续专业发展的提供者。伤口、造口和失禁护理协会™获得了加州注册护理委员会的批准,提供者编号CEP 15115。