Aims and scope

The WCET® Journal is the peak international scholarly journal for ostomy, wound and continence nurses worldwide. It is the offical journal of the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists and the International Inter-professional Wound Care Group.

The journal globally supports specialist nurses in ostomy, wound and continence care, as well as medical and allied health professionals and researchers, to disseminate their clinical expertise, knowledge and research to promote evidence-based, patient-centred, high quality care for persons living with ostomy, wound or continence needs.

It serves as a vehicle for on-going professional education and practice updates, with all articles subject to blind review by international experts in the field of the submitted work. All manuscripts are submitted and reviewed in English, the first language of the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists.

A printed copy of the Journal is posted (individually addressed) to all WCET® members in over 65 countries. It is also published in Chinese, Spanish and French, on separate electronic platforms including the original English, to cater for members who speak these languages more fluently than English.

The primary aim of the journal is to advance the care of people with ostomy, wound or continence needs by:

  • providing professional development for ostomy, wound and continence nurses, related medical and allied health professionals and other relevant parties
  • communicating knowledge and information about ostomy, wound and continence disease processes, conditions and associated preventions and treatments
  • advocating for the interests of nurses, health professionals and persons with ostomy, wound or continence needs
  • supporting and integrating practice development, research, quality improvement and innovation
  • setting guidelines and recommending standards for nurses and health professionals caring for people with ostomy, wound or continence needs
  • promoting inter-professional collaboration in the assessment and management of persons with ostomy, wound or continence needs
  • doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Mission of the WCET®.

The scope of articles published in the journal include

  • Original research
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Translating research and knowledge into practice
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Reviews of research and practice
  • Commentaries and editorials
  • Educational supplements
  • Updates on recent relevant research from other sources
  • Book reviews.

Conflicts of interest and ethical considerations

The WCET® Journal follows the International Committe of Medical Journal Editor’s Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals.

Statements about potential conflicts of interest, including funding sources, must be made for all manuscripts. A disclosure form can be generated and completed on the ICMJE website and uploaded as part of the manuscript submission on ScholarOne. Alternatively, full disclosure details can be made in the title page.

All research should be conducted in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration and the methods section should include a statement indicating that the research was approved by the relevant authority. Research and case studies involving human subjects must include assurance that informed consent was obtained from each patient. Any research using animals must include a statement of assurance that all animals received humane care.




WCET®杂志是为全球造口术、伤口和失禁护理领域的护士出版的前沿国际学术杂志。它是世界造口治疗师委员会(World Council of Enterostomal Therapists)和国际跨专业伤口护理
组(International Inter-professional Wound Care Group)的官方杂志。





  • 为造口术、伤口和失禁护理护士、相关医疗和辅助医疗人员和其他相关者提供专业发展
  • 就造口术、伤口或失禁疾病的病程、病情和相关预防和治疗交流知识和资讯
  • 维护护士、医务人员和在造口术、伤口或失禁护理方面有需求的患者的权益
  • 支持和整合实践进步、研究、质量提高和创新
  • 为在造口术、伤口或失禁护理方面有需求的患者提供护理的护士和医务人员制订指导方针并推荐标准
  • 在评估和管理在造口术、伤口或失禁护理方面有需求的患者时,提倡跨专业协作
  • 开展与WCET®的使命相关或有利于实现WCET®使命的所有其他事项。


  • 原著
  • 病例研究
  • 文献综述
  • 研究与知识的实践应用
  • 临床实践指南
  • 研究与实践综述
  • 评论与社论
  • 教育增刊
  • 其他来源的相关研究最新进展
  • 书评。


WCET® 杂志遵循国际医学期刊编辑委员会针对医学期刊学术工作的开展、报告、编辑和出版的建议。