Editorial Board

ARNA National Committee


President Deidre Widdall (NT)
Email president@arna.com.au

Vice-President Alison New (QLD)
Email: vicepresident@arna.com.au

Secretary Kay Stevens (NT)
Email secretary@arna.com.au

Treasurer Kerrie Garrad (QLD)
Email treasurer@arna.com.au

Vice-Treasurer Patricia Dodds (VIC)

Editor-in-Chief JARNA Murray Fisher (NSW)
Email editor@arna.com.au


Committee Members

Sandra Lever (NSW)

Kylie Wicks (NSW)

Raewyn Buchanan (VIC)

Erika Schlemmer (WA)

Kirsty Gray (QLD)

David Lewis (QLD)

Terry Wells (SA)


Chapter Presidents

Patricia Dodds — VIC/TAS Chapter

Alison New — QLD Chapter

Melissa Bonser (acting) — NSW/ACT Chapter

Justin Prendergast — SA/NT Chapter


JARNA Editor-in-Chief

Murray Fisher RN, ICT Cert, DipAppSc (Nursing), BHSc (Nursing), MHPEd, PhD


Associate Editor

Alison New RN, BHScN, MCR, MHScNCE


JARNA Editorial Board Members

Mark Baker RN, BN, DipHSM, GradDipNursing (MentalHlth), ProfCertTLHPE, MN, MACN

Brendan Bakes RN, BN, PostGrad Dip Clin Nurs (Ortho), MN by Research, MACN

Murray Fisher RN, ICT Cert, DipAppSc (Nursing), BHSc (Nursing), MHPEd, PhD

Sandra Lever RN, BHM, Post-Reg Cert in Rehab Nursing, GradDipHlthSc (Sexual Health), MN (Rehab), MACN

Duncan McKechnie RN, BN (Hons), DipPublicSafety, GradCertRehabNurse, PhD

Deidre Widdall RN, GradCertStomalTherapyNurs, MClinRehab

Julie Pryor RN, BA, GradCertRemoteHlthPrac, MN, PhD, FACN


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