Volume 5 Number 1

Prolonged casualty care (PCC)

Guy Williams

For referencing Williams G. CPD: prolonged casualty care (PCC). JHTAM 2023; 5(1):27.

DOI https://doi.org/10.33235/JHTAM.5.1.27
Submitted 2 March 2023 Accepted 27 March 2023



This section focusses on review questions and answers on topics about which remote, pre‑hospital or austere clinicians should be knowledgeable. It will be featured in every issue of JHTAM to offer clinicians an opportunity to test their knowledge about their practice. The online review questions can be accessed via the QR code.

This issue’s review questions will focus on practices advocated within the context of prolonged casualty care (PCC). The term PCC has been around for almost 15 years; prior to that it was known as prolonged field care. The change in terminology shifted to acknowledge the possibility that care might be delivered in places other than the ‘field’ and to align with the joint trauma system. The principles of PCC occur in the spectrum of care post‑delivery of tactical care of the combat casualty (TCCC) and are designed to assist the clinician in processing often over-whelming and under-resourced clinical decisions.


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Guy Williams
Clinical Nurse Educator, Albury Wodonga Health Emergency Service, Albury Wodonga Health, 201 Borella Road, Albury, NSW 2640, Australia
Army School of Health, Australian Army, Latchford Barracks, Victoria
Email guy.williams@awh.org.au