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American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Announces 2021 Power of A Award Winners

World Council of Enterostomal Therapists®, Westford, MA, wins the silver award for its programme The WCET® NNGF® Twinning Project

ASAE this week announced the winners of the 2021 Power of A Awards, created to celebrate and promote the invaluable contributions that associations make to America and the world.

The winners were selected by ASAE’s Power of A Awards Judging Committee. This year, the committee received 118 entries in five award categories: The Power of Advocacy; The Power of Industry/Professional Advancement; The Power of Global Development; The Power of Diversity and Inclusion; and The Power of Community Support and Engagement.

“Congratulations to this year’s Power of A Award winners, who continue to exemplify the indelible impact associations have on not just the industries and professions they represent, but on society at large,” said Barry Pilson, CAE, 2021 Chair of the Power of A Awards Judging Committee. “Given the pandemic-related challenges associations experienced over the past year, it’s incredible to see countless cases of associations going above and beyond their everyday mission to change the world. It’s a testament to our community and we’re very proud to highlight these award-winning initiatives this year.”

World Council of Enterostomal Therapists®, Westford, MA, is honoured to announce that it has won a Silver Award for its programme, “The WCET® NNGF® Twinning Project”.

The WCET® Norma N Gill Foundation® (NNGF®) Twinning Projects were established in 1999 to increase awareness of the differences between developed and emerging countries. By establishing and fostering links between Enterostomal Therapy Nurses in developed countries and registered nurses in emerging countries, the goal of the NNGF® Twinning Projects is to promote and develop the specialty of Enterostomal Therapy Nursing worldwide.

One of the aims of the WCET® NNGF® Committee is to raise money in order to be able to financially support such programmes. This mission is overseen by the WCET® Education Committee in regards to their standards in wound, ostomy and continence care knowledge and skills.

An early example of a successful Twinning Project is between China and Hong Kong. In 2000, there were only two ET nurses in Mainland China. With the support of the Hong Kong ET association and the support of WCET®, a direct result of the China-Hong Kong Twinning Project, six ET Nursing programmes have been developed with additional programmes soon to obtain WCET recognition. As of 2012, there are more than 400 trained ET nurses in China. Currently, there are 13 WCET® ETNEP programmes recognised by WCET®. The commitment and dedication of the teachers and tutors who shared their knowledge and experience deserve our respect and gratitude. Many other Twinning Projects are ongoing in Africa. Even during the COVID pandemic, WCET® has continued to support twinning projects in underserved areas in the world.

Through the WCET® Twinning Project financial and language barriers for nurses to learn the specialised knowledge they need to better care in their own country is disseminated.


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美国社团管理者协会(ASAE)宣布2021POWER OF A AWARD获得者

世界造口治疗师协会®,Westford,MA因其WCET® NNGF®结对工程获得银奖。


获奖者由ASAE的Power of A Awards评审委员会选出。今年,该委员会收到了五个奖项类别的118份参赛作品:宣传奖;行业/职业进步奖;全球发展奖;多元化与包容性奖;社区支持和参与奖。

宣传奖评审委员会主席Barry Pilson(CAE,2021年)说:“祝贺今年的宣传奖获得者,他们对各自所代表的行业和职业,乃至对整个社会都产生了不可磨灭的影响,在过去一年经历了与大流行相关的挑战后,难以相信无数协会能够做出比平常更加傲人的成绩。这是对我们协会的证明,今年能够评出这些奖项,我们深感自豪。”

世界造口治疗师协会®,Westford,MA因其WCET® NNGF®结对工程获得银奖。

WCET® Norma N Gill基金会®(NNGF®)结对工程于1999成立,以提高发达国家和新兴国家之间的差异意识。通过建立和促进发达国家的造口治疗护士与新兴国家的持证护士之间的联系,NNGF®结对工程旨在全球范围内促进和发展造口治疗护理专业。

筹集资金是WCET® NNGF®委员会的目标之一,以便为此类项目提供财政支持。资金筹集由WCET®教育委员会根据其在伤口、造口和失禁护理知识和技能方面的标准进行监督。

在结对工程中,中国大陆与中国香港之间的合作便是一次早期成功案例。2000年,中国大陆只有两名ET护士。在香港ET协会和中港结对项目WCET®的支持下,已经开发了六个ET护理课程,并很快获得了WCET®的认可。到2012年,中国已有超过400名经过培训的ET护士。目前,共有13个WCET® ETNEP项目受到WCET®认可。分享知识和经验的教师和导师的付出和奉献值得我们尊重和感谢。许多其他结对工程正在非洲进行。即使在COVID大流行期间,WCET®也在继续支持世界上服务欠缺地区的结对工程。



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