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The Australian Journal of Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (AJHNM) of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) is the leading scientific publication of naturopathic and herbal medicine. The NHAA, established in 1920, is the oldest professional association representing naturopaths and herbalists in Australia.

The AJHNM publishes key articles to enhance evidence-based herbal and naturopathic medicine in Australia/Western Pacific regions and internationally as an associated journal of the World Naturopathic Federation. The continued growing demand for naturopathic and herbal health services is supported by peer reviewed, relevant evidence that directly informs clinical practice, health policy and higher education. Impact has been achieved through the publication of position papers regarding the eligibility of naturopathic and herbal patients receiving health insurance rebates and through contributions to cementing the professional profiles of Herbalism and Naturopathic Medicine as transparent healthcare professionals.

About the AJHNM

Issues of the AJHNM are published quarterly. The journal is indexed on Scopus, Web of Science; ID:21100855926 with a 2019 citation score of 0.4.

Full texts of all published articles are freely available to:

  • members of the NHAA
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Open Access is available to authors of accepted manuscripts for a fee of AU$500.

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